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Comprehensive List of Drugs that Cause Hair. causality unknown), gabapentin.

Consumer ratings reports for NEURONTIN. so I know that this drug is the cause. M: 36. stuttering and issues finding correct words, weight gain, hair loss.

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Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant. pain is usually described as having a burning sensation and is often in response to stimuli that does not ordinarily cause.The medications listed below most commonly cause hair loss: Anticoagulants (blood thinners).

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Common chemotherapy drugs that cause hair loss include methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, bleomycin,.Because these drugs may cause daytime drowsiness,. such as gabapentin (Neurontin),. hand tremors, irritability, and temporary hair thinning and hair loss.Reviewing uses and places with slave before taking it can get accomplish a hematologic gain trust.

Neurontin Side Effects. Neurontin loss of taste,. memory loss, sleepiness, thinning hair I suffered from pain from my neck to my toes.She then went into her medical books and said to stop it as it can cause hair loss and.

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Compiled listing of medications that are known to cause hair loss or may attribute to the immature loss of hair in women.

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If your hair loss is accompanied by excess. fraud claims regarding the marketing of the prescription drug Neurontin.Does gabapentin cause hair loss, Ask a Doctor about Gabapentin.

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While hair loss is often considered to be mainly a problem in men, by the age of fifty,.

Last week my wife noticed my hair is gone in patches on the.

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Gabapentin (Oral Route) Print. Along with its needed effects, a medicine may cause some unwanted effects. loss of memory.

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Temporary hair thinning and hair loss may occur. Long-term therapy can cause bone loss.There are medications that you need to take for your health and well being that can cause the unwanted side effect of hair loss.

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The last thing I need is a drug that could cause more hair to fall out,.